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Monkey Bay's primary objective is to educate and train students and interns through experiential learning and field research support. Therefore, we offer opportunities for students to link into our programs, facilities, conservation partners and contacts. Whether you require a research project for a thesis, or would like to gain experience through hands-on training and work, Monkey Bay is a good place to experiment and explore.

Our facilities provide all the basics you need: an interactive learning environment, comfortable and secure place to sleep, three meals a day, an extensive library with wireless internet access, and a support network of knowledgeable staff and contacts.



Past Projects

Over the years, our dedicated interns have greatly shaped the success of Monkey Bay. Whatever your skill-set, as long as there is a desire to learn and help conserve nature, there is a spot for you. Below are some examples of past projects that continue to impact the Sanctuary in a positive way. 

  • Painting and posting of signs of various garden species throughout our campus.
  • GPS mapping of our sanctuary.
  • Fruit tree planting in local village.
  • Summer camp programs
  • Nature Explorer’s International – Environmental Education Program for local children.
  • Photography, Photo Editing and Marketing research. 
  • Local Community Outreach Grant writing opportunity with St. Matthew’s School.
  • Research, painting and posting of educational signs for our campus and trail system
  • Rainy season maintenance and construction work.



Current open positions:

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Volunteers and interns work independently, under the guidance of our staff, and are expected to contribute 30 hours per week to Monkey Bay. Volunteers and Interns assist our staff in a range of duties including Hospitality, Kitchen, Facilities and Landscaping, Programming and Environmental Education. We are very flexible and we cater as much as we can to the individual. If you have an idea or a specific project in mind we will do our best to facilitate.

Should you be interested in a project or internship in Belize, please do not hesitate to contact us for suggestions and application requirements.