Matt Miller

Matthew Miller & Marga Miller

Co founders/Managing Directors. 

Matthew Miller is Monkey Bay co-founder (1990) and with his wife Marga, they currently serve as Managing Directors of Belize Study Abroad. Matthew has worked in Belize with local and international conservation organizations and academic institutions since his arrival to serve in Belize as Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) in 1987. Matthew promotes community conservation programs, and supports faculty-led study abroad programs for University, Community College, High School and Middle School students, and leads experiential learning programs for special interest groups including Master Gardeners, International Birders, Family Reunions and Continuing Education Vacationers.

Marga immigrated to Belize in 1980 from her homeland in Holland. She and Matthew met at Monkey Bay in 1991 and together they forged the vision for the sanctuary’s Environmental Education Centre and study abroad programming. Marga prides herself as being a “Jill of all Trades” and is responsible for most of the campus design and construction that comprises Monkey Bay’s study abroad hosting facilities. Mother of 3 children + 1 grandson, each born on a different continent, her passion lies in creating a healthy home environment for her family, as well as visiting students, faculty and travelers from all over the world.

Ruby Enriquez

Programs Manager

ruby enriquez

Ruby joined Monkey Bay in September 2015. She likely is the first point of contact for teachers and guests when inquiring about Belize Study Abroad student programs. Ruby plans, designs and reserves program itineraries and budgets, and ensures logistics run smoothly during field courses, on campus and across Belize. Ruby is of Mestizo decent and resides in neighboring St. Matthew’s Village with husband Axel and daughter. 

Efrain Perez

Service Groups/Intern Program Manager

Efrain joined Monkey Bay in August 2015. Efrain’s job is to establish partnerships between service groups and local communities interested in hosting visiting student and service groups. If looking for volunteer opportunities in Belize to serve schools, churches, and other community based service hosts, Efrain is our Connector.

Communities share their vision for future development and the priority projects aimed to get there. Efrain plans project logistics and helps implement the work with volunteer service groups and Monkey Bay staff. Logistical arrangements, cost estimates, tools, supplies and materials needed all are integrated into a doable work plan designed by Efrain.

He is all about ensuring maximum satisfaction for all parties involved. Efrain resides in neighboring St. Matthew’s Village with wife Delfina Perez and 4 children, 2 girls and 2 Boys.

Janice Williams

Janice Williams

Office & HR Manager Janice Denise Williams is the Office/HR Manager of Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary- Belize Study Abroad - since March 2016. She grew up in the northern part of the country with her mom and three sisters. She is currently enrolled at the University of Belize pursuing a Management Degree. Janice is also a licensed Tour Guide for the Country of Belize and loves exploring all of “Mother Nature’s Secrets.” While at home, she enjoys family time and does that best in the kitchen cooking and baking cookies with her kids. She carries great enthusiasm in interacting and meeting new people from all over the world.


laura santos. Monkey Bay staff

Laura Santos

Administrative Assistant/ Overnight Group Coordinator

Laura is originally from Guatemala and migrated to Belize in 1990. She is of Mestizo descent and grew up in St. Matthews Village. She has lived 26 years of her life there and became a Belizean National. She enjoys meeting new people and her passion is to serve others. Laura joined the Monkey Bay team in June of 2015. She is the first person you will meet at the Front Desk to welcome you to Monkey Bay. Laura is looking forward to continuing her studies while she is a mother of 2 beautiful children, Jaiden Moralez and Jaminie Moralez.


Michelle Guzman

Accounts Manager

Michelle Guzman is the head of Accounts at Monkey Bay. She has a passion for what she does at Monkey Bay; that is working with numbers almost all day, every day. "Life for her at Monkey Bay is about balancing numbers". Michelle enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, snorkeling, nature walks, paddling on the beautiful rivers and much more. Horseback riding is also one of her most favorite things to do during her free time.

Eli Joshua Waals Miller

Tour Guide

Born in Belize, grew up at Monkey Bay. Eli started working at Monkey Bay in June 2012 as a crew member/Bus driver and became a licenced Tour guide in July 2013.  He loves meeting new people and share their joyous excitement when they experience and discover new things about the world around them. He enjoys Whitewater Kayaking, Riding Motorcycles, Sailing, Longboarding, Rock climbing. Eli has seen a Jaguar in the wild on three different occasions throughout his lifetime.



Justin Wiltshire

Tour Guide

Justin lives in the friendly rural Creole village of La Democracia, Belize District close to his extended family. He has travelled extensively within Belize and visited the archaeological sites, sanctuaries, cave systems and mountains all over the country - Monkey Bay’s classroom.

That was when he decided to become a Tour Guide. He loves music, dance, travel, meeting people from different cultures, and reading informative books about his country and its history. He’s a very humble person that knows a little of everything but will keep learning until he reaches his goal: to become one of the best expedition and international field course guides in Central America.

Rodney Esquivel

Grounds & Maintenance Manager

Leroy Estrada

Grounds & Maintenance Team

Born in Hattieville Village Grew up and lives in near by community La Democracia Village. Leroy is dedicated in what he does at Monkey Bay. He has 2 children and enjoys playing football and fishing.

Samba Barry

Grounds & Maintenance Team & Camp Support Driver

Samba was Born in Africa. Started working at Monkey Bay in 2010. Samba likes working with groups and meeting new people.  He loves to do gardening and enjoys watching football games. Samba has a family of 3 children.

Angela Martinez, Rosita Zuleta & Floridalma Ibanez

Angela Martinez: Housekeeping

Although Angela was born in Guatemala, she has spent most of her life in Belize.  She and her husband -along with five children- live in the nearby community of St. Matthew's Village.  She has been a part of Monkey Bay’s Housekeeping Team since 2015.  She especially enjoys folding the guest towels into flowers and other shapes to add a special touch to the rooms.  In her free time, she loves to listen to gospel music- in Spanish and English.

Rosita Zuleta: Housekeeping Supervisor

Born in Belize, Rosita has lived all her life in the village of St. Matthew’s along the George Price Highway with her husband and five children.  She has been a part of our Housekeeping Team since 2016 and enjoys the process and results of a well tucked and folded bed.  Being detail oriented, she also spends her free time sewing her children’s school uniforms, as well as her own clothes.  Listening to all kinds of spanish music is how she relaxes. 




Floridalma Ibanez: Housekeeping

Floridalma is of Guatemalan descent but has lived in Belize for over 24years.  She spent the first 10 years living in Belize City but has called St. Matthew’s Village her home for the past 14 years.  She joined the Monkey Bay Housekeeping Team in 2016.  She is married and has three children who are all very lucky because one of her favorite things to do is “Cocinar” or “cook” - one of her specialties is rice & beans, which she reports she makes ‘a LOT’ of. 

Mayra Ortiz

Kitchen Manager