Welcome to Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary.

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We would like to welcome you to our new website and our first blog post. If you’re looking for a place to stay updated on what is happening at Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary - look no further!

Whether you are visiting Belize soon, returning to Monkey Bay, or just stumbled upon this blog because you are interested in Monkey Bay and various tourism opportunities, this is a great place for you to stay in touch with  Monkey Bay from your computer screen. Since this is our first blog post ever, general information about our organization will be covered first, followed by a year in review as we look back at our milestones of 2016, then our expanding and revamped internship program will be introduced. 

Belize Study Abroad - Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

Monkey Bay is a model of conservation land management within Central Belize Corridor - 2060 acre private reserve. A wildlife sanctuary provides preserved natural land and protection for animals and their natural resources from hunting and/or destruction. Monkey Bay is a local Non-Government Organization social enterprise operating as a not-for-profit education and training center. Established in 1990,

“our mission is to provide academic, experiential learning, and service programs

while serving as a model of conservation land Stewardship in Belize.”

What Makes us Unique?

We host a wide variety of study abroad groups from around the world: from archeology, to watershed ecology and medical wilderness training groups - we have gained a positive international reputation for hosting such a diverse crowd of vibrant individuals.

Also, Monkey Bay only a twenty five minute bus ride to the nation’s capital, Belmopan. We are just two miles down the road from The Belize Zoo and are situated in between two restaurants.

We have a beautiful road leading down to a beach space on the Sibun River, for guests to enjoy swimming, observing wildlife, and experiencing serenity. Our staff is culturally diverse, friendly, and often connect with international groups, guests, and interns on a personal level.

Guest information

Whether you are an independent traveler or at Monkey Bay with an educational group, we strive to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.

We pride ourselves in providing a rustic sanctuary setting with natural landscapes, with the comfort of modern amenities. We, at Monkey Bay provide, comfortable and clean, secure lodging and amenities year round, for travelers and faculty-led student programs alike.

Monkey Bay is a Full service Education Abroad Hosting Centre situated on 5-ac inholding. We have the ability to hold 100 guests at full capacity.


Three Field Campus Locations: Terrestrial Savanna Land (Main), Maya Mountain (Remote) and Marine Station (Island)

Our New Internship program

Belize Study Abroad - Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary is proud to announce the revitalization of our intern program. Our program is as unique and diverse as the interns we host. Beginning from an individual's initial questions on how to apply, to in-country mentorship, to post-internship follow up after the internship has been completed - we strive to support high quality, academic, experiential learning opportunities for interns in all walks of life around the globe.


Unique Internship Opportunities

Our new internship program has opportunities in many diverse fields of study and areas of interest; from the ecological sciences, social sciences, to gardening and art. We aim match interns with programs and projects of need, based on their interests.


The word “Internship”

We use the word internship at Monkey Bay broadly, what we mean is:

·       Traditional internship *for credit, over a longer period of time*

·       Independent study *For credit, often shorter period of time/or with an independent follow up project*

·       Work experience/(Resume builder)

·       Monkey Bay Internships can be connected to your school or completely independent.

·       Depending on the internship and host organization, an internship may be used for credit.

We have had interns from all all walks of life from college students to mid-career professionals.


Counterpart program

At Monkey Bay, there is an opportunity to work alongside a Belizean counterpart. If available, an international intern can be partnered with a Belizean intern from a local university, to work together on internship projects. This creates project sustainability and  invaluable cross cultural learning opportunities.

Two ways to obtain an internship:

1. Take a look on our website for our open internship positions. If you find a position that fits your interests, email us at belizeinternmanager@gmail.com with any questions and to begin the application process.

2. If you do not see a position that fits your unique interests and needs in an internship email us at belizeinternmanager@gmail.com with your general ideas for an internship and we will begin to create a unique internship opportunity for you!

 Timelines for internships are versatile-ranging from 2 weeks to 6 months. This helps promote individuals conducting their professional internships on what works for their schedules; and helps keep the internship fee flexible.

We at Monkey Bay are excited to begin our new blog and to premiere our reinvented internship program. There are adventures around every corner here at Monkey Bay; YOUR adventure is awaiting you!